workshops for Women in London

(Image © Tamara Adams)

In the Navajo tradition, there’s an idea of Changing Woman. There’s no image that can be made of her because she is constantly changing. Because she is constantly changing, she is not any one thing and because she’s not any one thing, she can be everything. Changing woman is the personification of the Earth and the natural order of the universe. She represents the cyclical nature of the Seasons, Birth (Spring), Maturing (Summer), Growing old (Autumn), Dying (Winter) and is reborn again in the Spring. 

The Workshop

In the spirit of Changing Woman, this workshop is about creating a new dialogue with our selves and embodying our fullest potential. By creating a trusted circle of women to stand amongst, we will call upon each other’s presence to support and hold us, as –together - we will explore, delve and discover our own unique experience of what it means to be a Woman. We will explore our experiences as young girls growing up - seeing how our past events have shaped our personal narratives and continue to colour how we experience ourselves as Women in the world. Through this, we will look at old habits, restrictive roles, as well as fixed ideas and behaviours that may have outlived their usefulness. Join us for two days of ritual, ceremony, play, movement, visualisation and discovery, as we take a ride through our lives, celebrating our intention to let go of all that no longer serves us whilst creating space to call in new beginnings as we reconnect to our feminine wisdom and journey towards becoming the fullest expression of ourselves. 

Along this journey, we hold the intention of:  

Releasing shame-based belief systems along with their limitations
Stepping into our courage by speaking from our hearts
Sharing our wisdom - speaking up and finding our voices  
Harness our creative energies and sexuality
Honouring our role as women, nurturers, creators, collaborators, initiators
Honouring ourselves in a new way – with curiosity, respect, love and compassion


Kate Merrick, MA, UKCP Reg, MBACP Reg, is a writer and Gestalt psychotherapist with a deep love for the journey of the soul and healing the wounds we accumulate along the way. Kate is committed to working with feminine processes - including our often denigrated natural cycles - supporting women to re-connect to their natural rhythms, inherent embodied wisdom and connection to nature, so that we may begin to reclaim our fullest potential and delight in our spirited selves. Her interests are rooted in the theme of silence, from silent contemplation and meditative practice, to the ways in which we silence ourselves through the stories we create, societal taboos and trauma. Kate draws on her love of ancient indigenous earth based practices, to support us in cleansing ourselves of old expectations and hurts, whilst making new commitments for our futures. This includes the use of ceremony, visualisation, movement, body and breath work and creative expression. 

Milena Kadziela, MA, UKCP Reg, MBACP Reg, MBPsS is a Gestalt psychotherapist, psychologist, conscious pregnancy mentor, and prenatal yoga teacher. Through her own journey of reclaiming her deep innate wisdom, power, aliveness and embodied wildness, Milena got inspired to help women learn to explore their own unique experiences to reawaken to their full potential and possibilities. Milena has a fierce passion for the body, intuition and our innate wisdom and their role in our professional and personal lives. Central themes of Milena’s work are personal and collective change and transformation. She aims to empower women to discover their life purpose and passions through reconnecting with their innate body intelligence and the feminine knowledge that lies within us. She facilitates these through bodywork, movement, creative expression as well as guidance on how to bring the teachings on the sacred feminine into our ordinary lives. 

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