London based female psychotherapist

I’m a qualified psychotherapist, specialising in the areas of anxiety, low self esteem and the healing of soul wounds. My own experience as a woman shapes my interests in working with issues of trauma, culture, female identity and women’s health - this includes associated experiences of shame, guilt, anger, displacement, inter generational trauma, feeling disempowered and loss of identity/voice.

Having trained for a period of 5 years at the Gestalt Centre London, I obtained a Post Graduate Diploma and Masters Degree (2012) in both individual and group psychotherapy. During that time, I worked extensively with highly traumatised adults in both the public and private sectors and studied many different modalities all focused on the treatment of trauma.

Nowadays, my approach focuses less on trauma and more on deepening self-awareness through personal enquiry, visualisation and bodywork as well as slowing down and supporting the nervous system to settle into a place of relaxation and restoration so that self regulation and self healing may occur.

As of 2020, I will be incorporating touch into my work through using Biodynamic bodywork, which will form a large part of my practice. Some of the therapeutic hopes in Biodynamic bodywork are the rebalancing of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system; relaxation; vitalisation; pain relief; relief of internal emotional pressure; release of muscular tension; toning of undertoned muscle; increased body awareness; release of toxins; discovery of a more "natural" breathing pattern. Having been a client of Biodynamic bodywork for many years, I believe this is the missing link in psychotherapy. This approach allows you to access unconscious mind-body processes that can not be accessed through talking alone.

My love and deep respect for indigenous earth based spiritual practices and Mother Nature also informs my practice and brings a deeper transpersonal element to my approach. I am wholly committed to my own psychological and spiritual growth and regularly attend retreats, workshops, seminars, supervision and psychotherapy.